Accommodation                 Individual                 Double                 Triplex                 Quadruple


Con bath                                       $80.000 COP           $120.000 COP      $165.000  COP        $220.000 COP

Con bathtub                                 $120.000 COP          $150.000 COP      $180.000 COP         $240.000 COP

Con jacuzzi                                   $150.000 COP           $180.000 COP      $210.000 COP         $260.000 COP

Camping                                        $30.000 COP             $60.000 COP        $90.000 COP           $120.000 COP

All rates and rooms include:


- Typical breakfast

- Hot baths

- TV

- Wi-Fi Zone

- Parking

- Nature Trail

- Natural swimming pool

- Tourist information

- Coffee and aromatic

- Hotel insurance.

* Rates are modified in high season, is from 2 to 16 January 2016.



1. Check in time is from 3:00 pm and check out time is until 12:00 pm.


2. To make your reservation you must leave a deposit of 50% of the total service. The lodging service can be paid in advance and every guest is entitled to claim their bill for cancellation of their account.


3. Remember to inform if you want to extend your stay, otherwise if past the time of the Check Out has not registered the delivery of the room automatically applies the penalty of $ 20,000 the time the more time you reside.


4. Remember to leave the keys at the reception to carry out the cleaning of the room, remember to use the towels properly, any loss of the keys must correct the loss of the same and in case of the change of plates.


5. In case of canceling your reservation, please note that 50% of the total value is retained. In the event that the guest leaves the hotel (check out) before the departure date, 25% of the remaining days are considered for retention, in this case it is recommended to inform in advance to reach an agreement.


6. Minors are the sole responsibility of the companion. We adopted the code of conduct established by the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Tourism to protect minors from all forms of exploitation and sexual violence caused by domestic or foreign tourists, in accordance with Law 679 of 2001 and we are Obliged to report it to the competent authorities.


7. The use of social spaces or accommodation is only for registered people. Additional income will be charged if there are visitors.


8. It is prohibited to introduce firearms, weapons, articles representing any type of weapon or similar objects, as well as to protect or use chemical, psychotropic or explosive substances inside the installations.

9. Everyone should maintain their composure and no one should disturb the other guests of the hotel. Remember that this is a place of rest, they should not make noises or scandals that disturb the tranquility and order within the Residential Zone. The volume of television or sound equipment inside the room should be moderate and will avoid producing noises that disturb the tranquility of other guests.


10. When entering the room check that the facilities work. Request and report in case of improvised and report updates.


11. Be sure to close the faucets, turn off the lights, turn off the lights and turn off the TV. With these actions you can collaborate with our sustainability policy.


12. All decorative objects, furniture and bedding, are the exclusive property of the Eco Hotel, take care of them. Any damage or loss will be charged to your account.


13. The Eco Hotel will inform the guest if they have left forgotten objects and will not be responsible for them. The objects and values ​​forgotten by the guest will remain in the custody of the administration for a term of 15 days, after this term and in the absence of a claim or request for a refund, the object will be delivered to the competent authority.


14. The Hotel will offer breakfast service only in the dining area from 07:30 am to 11:00 a.m.


15. We declare ourselves smoke-free, so smoking is prohibited in rooms and common areas; There will be a smoking area available.


16. The guest can express any complaint and / or suggestion verbally or written at the reception and / or through the Mailbox of satisfaction and suggestions available.


17. We are friendly with the environment and the pets, remember that it must make previous request for the entrance of the same.


#Eco hotel la Juanita  -   2017

Service line: (57)(6) 871 44 16 / (57) 3117719774

E-mail: ecohotellajuanita@hotmail.com

Vereda Cuchilla de los Santa, Vía a La Linda Manizales, Caldas, Colombia.