Sustainability Policy

A place for all those who like and enjoy nature, change the noise of the city for the sound of birdsong, the wind, the tree branches moving, or leave the routine to dive in a peaceful and harmonious without straying too far from the city environment; easily accessible place where you can breathe fresh air and the most beautiful sunsets can be seen.


Sustainability Policy


Ecohotel La Juanita is an establishment dedicated to the rural lodging, offering conditions of comfort, tranquility, harmony and protection to the environment, taking into account the conservation or improvement of the positive environmental, sociocultural and economic effects, as well as the management, reduction or deleting of negative effects caused for its activities.

The company seeks to be engine of familiar and community economic development, showing and taking into account the rights and obligations of the employees, suppliers, clients and guests based upon the sustainability principles.

Ecohotel La Juanita is covered by the rule 679, article 17 of 2001; and 1336, article 1 of 2009 regarding children’s sexual exploitation and abuse.

Ecohotel La Juanita establishes the guidelines that guide the actions of the company and each one of its employees through the definition of a strategic platform including mission, vision, sustainability policy, objectives, indicators and goals.


General objective


Providing rural housing and environmental awareness to all our visitors, exploiting and preserving our natural resources rationally; generating family and community development.



Provide in our rural accommodation located a relative, friendly and relaxed atmosphere while respecting the natural environment.



Being recognized in 2020 as one of the best lodgings at the local, national preserving the environment and improving the quality of life of our community.


Juanita Ecohotel is committed to environmental conservation, flora and fauna of the region and the Coffee Cultural Landscape.


The Eco Hotel Juanita apply the laws 679, Article 17 of the 2001, 1336, Article 1, 2009; regarding sexual exploitation and abuse of minors.

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Vereda Cuchilla de los Santa, Vía a La Linda Manizales, Caldas, Colombia.